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On the Topicality of Ton de Leeuw’s Concept of ‘Acculturation’.

By Jurrien Sligter

As probably several among those present here already know the Dutch composer Ton de Leeuw wrote in 1975 a composition for Javanesejurrien gamelan, named “Gending, a homage to the musicians of the gamelan”.

He wrote the piece after many years of hesitation: He was afraid to fall into the trap of so called exoticism, the superficial imitation of eastern elements in western music. Already in 1962, more than forty years ago he included in his book on Music of the Twentieth Century[1] a chapter on “Exoticism and Folklore”. We can read in it the following statement:

We must bear in mind that the process of acculturation ( hybridization) , the fusion and adoption of elements of different cultures, may be counted among the most familiar phenomena of art history. It is not impossible that our own art (today) reveal lines of evolution, free and from within, that in some respects approach certain Eastern concepts more closely than was ever possible within our former and closed cultural pattern.

Ton de Leeuw developed his concept of musical acculturation in modern composition in the circle of UNESCO together with – amomg others –  the Vietnamese scholar Tran Van Khe. Baca lebih lanjut